The First Day of the Rest of Our Life!

It is 1 January 2021. What a year 2020 has been. Everybody I meet was so anxious to let go of 2020 behind them and move forward to a brand new year. Scientifically speaking, our planet has just finished a full cycle around our star called the Sun. Practically speaker, nothing changed. Today is a day just as the previous one and the one before it and that one before it…

Don’t be a pessimist, I find myself telling myself in my mind. Let people enjoy the delusion of thinking that this new cycle of the Earth around the Sun will be a better one. To hold on to something like this, the hope, the belief that this will be a better cycle could do miracles.

We always wish our problems go away the next day as we sleep it off. We sleep it off, we numb it down, we cry it out, we press it in, we chop it off, we do all sort of things to our sorrows, pains, traumas, heartaches, which they all end up in our dumpster. Our dumpster. Our subconsciousness.

As this dumpster or call it a landfill becomes overloaded with our sorrows, problems, traumas, pains, heartaches it becomes somewhat heavy. We start accumulating, pressing, accumulating, pressing, accumulating and so the cycle keeps repeating itself till there is no way to press our landfill anymore. What we reach at this stage is the phase of de-pressing.

We come to a stage where our landfill is so pressed that every problem, trauma, heartache, sorrow is interconnected to a particular theme or themes and circulates around the same topic someway or another. We look ourselves in the mirror and say: WTF! How did I get here! How the heck do I do this now. Am I the only one in this situation? Do I see a way out!

De-pressing that landfill is ultimately the only way for us to unload our baggage of years and years of suppressing our feelings and thoughts caused by our traumas, sorrows, heartaches, and problems if we chose to continue living (eventually).

With the level of complexity and interlaced themes because of the constant pressing and accumulation, we will have to untie each knot carefully and with patience. This, my dear readers, is a lifetime worth of work that can never be a one off talk with a friend, a professional or a family constellation.

The way I see it, our lives are a lifelong time spent figuring out our way into and through this life.

And with this I conclude my first post.

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