Thank You !

Since January this year, I have been on a journey to write down my deepest, most troubling thoughts and experiences. I have made a promise to do that with complete transpartency and without any bariers. This blog is to show gratitude to those of you who have chosen to read one of my blogs, and interact in any shape or form with the blogs.

I have two objectives to share these blogs with the world:

1- To vent and think as I type my thoughts and express my feelings in hopes I will find an understanding on the next steps and answer this questions: How am I able to move forward from here paving my way to the future.

2- To share my experiences with the world hoping I would help out someone who might be having similar experiences as I had/have in their life and let them know that they are not alone.

Few weeks ago, I have decided to go on a exploration journey combined with a learning aspect to try to understand myself, my phsyce and help others find their way too by asking the right questions. I am in the process of developing special coaching programs to help individuals struggling with their thoughts, feelings and the rest of the world to establish a self-relaince mechanism to solve their problems.

I am a true believer that we have the answers ingrained within us. If we search carefully, the answers shall rise to the surface in this busy and hectic minds of ours.

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