Regression – A Far Far Away Journey

Over the past few weeks I have been contemplating on whether I share this journey out there or not. The fact that I wanted to share it or I felt that I wanted to share it gives me the answer anyway. The doubt I have of whether I share it or not, is my own intellect and mind telling me it is not really worth sharing. Well… I felt that it is, for the sake of letting it float out into the universe.

Few weeks ago, as I was falling asleep, I was diving within myself through the layers of my mind, consciousness and the different hiccups, hurdles, problems, issues that have all clung onto my existence. Things, that might have meant something to me, positively but mainly negatively. Hurt, disappointment, resentment (and so on) which resulted in anxiety, developing negative feelings towards other people and situations…

As I deep dove into this valley, I still had this one voice of consciousness telling me “oh, you are here now, that should be interesting to let go.” And suddenly, it is as if I have opened my eyes to that situation and realized that “oh, yeah… It’s true it’s another one of those…” and then I continued my journey deep diving within. I kept falling. Really felt like falling. Into the abyss. Nothing is there. No one is there, but my falling “self” into memories, into things that once mattered to me. And the more I said “oh, yeah… It’s true it’s another one of those…” the more I fell deeper and the more challenging these situations become.

I kept falling. I kept falling. I kept letting go. I kept realizing and opening my eyes to this consciousness in my subconsciousness. Like a Russian doll. Then, I reached a no-where. No-where where I became one with Being. I could remember the source of creation or some version of it on our planet. As if, my memory, or that memory has always been within my personal memory where I have been busy all my life ignoring it or not being aware it is around.

I became one with every entity that ever existed on the planet. I confirmed the Darwinian theory of evolution or some version of it. I saw how nature is self-sufficient and how it is capable of eliminating inadequacies within its living organisms to reach an ideal state. I saw how some species evolved to become more intellectual than others and how others perished or their evolution process was hindered by limitations. I saw how we as humans have evolved from a far away journey, we have come from so far to reach where we are today, thanks to the natural evolution of nature itself.

I saw how humans today, are, in fact, better humans that they were yesterday, a year ago, hundreds of years ago, thousands of years ago and hundred of thousands of years ago… I saw all of that. I saw how disease was, is and will be a nature’s way of evolution for all animals on this planet. I saw the past, the very far away past and that, that, was mesmerizing. And for that, I thank myself and the universe for bring it to my attention.

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