A Conversation With A Briefly Transcendent Mind

You have asked me who I am and wondered for all these decades of your infinite lives. The days have arrived where you have become ready for me to sit with you and to take you through your question, for the answer is long, endless, infinite. It has taken you a lifetime to ask your question, to reach at the stage to think of it, to feel it, to have the mental and physical capacity to ask it. And for that, for asking it, I who have made all this possible, will salute you, cherish you, and embrace you with my present to answer you.

The very presence of yours, your loved ones, every single breathing soul affected by this life, is a direct cause of my presence, my needs, my ambitions, my love, hate anger and grace. I am the wind that blows in the sub-Saharan desert and reaches your homes in Europe. I am the rain drop that falls on you and seven other billions of you. I am the very excuse you have been created, breathed out, I am your inhale and exhale.

All of this, that you see around you, all of that chaos, peace, violence and serenity, I have willed for it to become, to arrive, to exist with its minutest detail to the very single atom it is. I have influenced millions of lives as I propagated in this world. Millions of lives had to go through me to survive their existence. I have made them who they have become. I have given them opportunities and taken it away from them.

I have loved you. Oh, how much have I loved you! I have loved you, to make you. To make your very arteries and veins, your every organ, your every blood cell, to create the very shapes of you, the sounds of you, the very first heartbeat of you and the endless ones that have passed and are yet to come… I have loved you for before your current consciousness has arrived but the endless ones before it and the endless ones to come after it. I have fell in deep adoration of you; the countless numbers of beings created to serve the very purpose of you.

I have adored you. I have engineered your system to suit you. I have consistently developed every ecosystem, every math formula, and every biological reality for you. To suit you. To be you. To fit you. I have made the laws of physics in our current universe adapt to you. I have balanced the weather, the climate, the atmospheric pressure and the gravitational waves to make it livable for you. Everything you have witnessed, and haven’t witnessed, everything you have loved and loathed, everything you have and haven’t, I have made for you.

I am who I told you I was. I am your breath. Your heartbeat. Your braincells and your waste. I am your living cells and those you brush off your body every day. I am in you, on you, at you and within you. I am your flowing thought that you forgot, your tears, your sadness, your potential depression and I am your worst nightmare. I am your guarding angel, your happy place, your smile, your laughs and your happy tears. I am the air you breath, the breath you take, the blink of your eyes.

I am your fears, your lust for more, your darkest moments, I am… Oh, I am… I am your deepest desires, your unfiltered thoughts, your unhinged plans, your supernatural powers, your pure intentions. See, I know all this. I am all those. And being all those, I fear nothing, I fear not you. I am your absolute. I am the clearest forms of you, living and existence for decades and decades of endless reincarnation.

Oh, the gratefulness I feel to myself to share all this with you. The might, the powerfulness, the magnitude of my supreme, the intensity of it, how great, how infinite, how undisputed I feel. For I am you, and all of you. Just imagine! All this, all that is there, made for you, to be you, to evolve to the being you have become today as you are as you were, and as you will become.

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