Where do I go from here!

It feels so strong how my thoughts are being split between many different priorities in this phase of my life. I have literally put myself first in terms of trying to sort out my own home. My own self and relationship first, and whatever is around is secondary. Nothing really matters and I feel guiltyContinue reading “Where do I go from here!”

What happens at night!?

Over the past period I have been listening to my mind or maybe call it to myself (whatever that is). Every night when I am preparing myself to go to bed, I brush my teeth, wash my face and head to bed. And then the journey begins. At first, the first thought that comes toContinue reading “What happens at night!?”

Life Changing Decisions!

In case you are wondering why have I been utterly silent over the past few weeks… Well, I have been wondering the same thing. I have been busy – My mind has been running in a speed of light (that’s not very accurate as it’s not very scientific – my mind has mass and thereforeContinue reading “Life Changing Decisions!”

Where did my Enthusiasm Go?!

As I sit writing this blog, I feel I am pushing it to write. Usually this does not yield good fruits. But maybe it will… As a child all I had after school was “outside”. This was my entertainment. My friend. I had my Matchbox car that changed color when put in warm water andContinue reading “Where did my Enthusiasm Go?!”

Loved and Betrayed

Over the past few days, I have been scrolling through my social feeds. Going back in time to a time where I was still discovering myself, the world, and dealing with the repercussions of the experiences I have had to live with during my childhood and teenage time. One thing was very prominent on theseContinue reading “Loved and Betrayed”

Regression – A Far Far Away Journey

Over the past few weeks I have been contemplating on whether I share this journey out there or not. The fact that I wanted to share it or I felt that I wanted to share it gives me the answer anyway. The doubt I have of whether I share it or not, is my ownContinue reading “Regression – A Far Far Away Journey”