Resistance and Refusal to Adapt the Business Module

Often, I find myself looking at businesses where they refused to adapt to the new era. From technical development, competition and innovation. Some businesses tend to become obsolete if they do not look ahead, assess the grounds and realise and/or estimate that within few years they might need to shut down. We have many examples during our time as we have witnessed the uprise of technological development and digital marketing in the last twenty years.

Famous brands who have fell in the trap of becoming obsolete now have been forgotten. From mobile phones to photography and telecommunication brands they have all suffered as we moved to more innovative ways of doing things. They have not been able to follow the trend, seek the inflection point and control the market as they had done it for tens of years.

Why! Such cool brands. I tend to become very sentimental about my first mobile phone which had a green screen and could spend hours as a child borrowing my brother’s phone to play Snake or Snake 2. Or that camera roll which I could buy, shoot 30 photos and sometimes 31 and send it to the shop to get it processed.

About 25 years of wondering about it, I know the answer now : Resistance to change and refusal to adapt the business module to suit the new “age” is the reason. Defending the notion of “it has always worked like this” is one of the main reasons why businesses go bankrupt. “Because we have always done it this way” is also one of the reasons businesses go bankrupt irrespective of how small or big they are.

To accept change, is to trust in your products, employees, management system and in yourself that you and your team are capable of pulling through the change infrastructure. It is a long process that the whole corporation, team or company must go through to safeguard the livelihood of everyone involved in every part of the service or product offered to the marketplace.

Change – This scary word for some who do not dare to look themselves in the eye in the mirror with all honesty to access their personal progress, integrity and sense check if they are performing their due diligence towards themselves, their society and community, and their job.

I might be a bit harsh. I am a bit too harsh here. But to survive as individuals we must work as a team where we all contribute for a better workplace. Workplace takes a big amount of our time, energy and affects our personal lives too. It is important that we work together towards changing, adapting and maintaining a healthy (financially and morally) workplace to secure our financial, mental and emotional stability as individuals.

At the end of the day, the goals of an individual in a workplace should intersect with their team’s goals that is aligned with the company’s goal which will eventually pay back to everyone involved in the process.

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