Vicious Reality!

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I come from a country that has been eaten by corruption, violence and instability throughout its history. Corruption, hatred, lust of violence, revenge and vengeance between its inhabitants go back few hundreds of years. The dependence on foreign powers to solve internal conflicts has made the country dependent these powers’ political agendas and manipulation. Don’t get me wrong, I do not blame the foreign political powers for their interference in the country and trying (and mostly succeeding) to implement their own political agendas.

I come from a country that has been torn by geo-political conflicts. Torn by the east and the west, the north and the south, progression and regression. Countless wars fought in the name of existence or survival to exist while intending to extinct others. Others, who have done nothing wrong but were born belonging to a different religious group. Yet, the fight remains politically religious or religiously political… Either way, the people of this country suffer. Their stomachs are empty. Their mind is busy. And their future is unknown.

I come from a country that people have become accustomed to being lied to by politicians. They have trained their politicians that it is Okay to lie. It is Okay to cheat and betray. It is Okay to steal. It is Okay to rub people from their freedom… The politicians have been tremendous in sinking the country is over 100 billion USD of debt. Half of that debt is invested in power and electricity, yet, the citizens receive few hours of electricity per day. Yet, the citizens have been electing the same politicians over and over and over…

I come from a country that has mesmerized me over the years. It made me fall in love with it and fall in love out of it until I left it and fell back in love again. I love it from far. I cannot love it from close by. I left it after being convinced that changing it, is a losing game. Changing the engraved division based on religion and sectarianism (between the different religious groups) is an impossible task. And, with all fairness, time has told me I have done the right decision.

How sad is it to leave your own country because you cannot have a future. Your own favorite streets in your city, your neighborhood, your building, your noisy neighbors, your downstairs grocery store… Your drive to university or work and back home. The feeling of homeness when you’re in your own street. The memories…

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