Who am I? And what is the point of all of this website?

I am born in the month of October of the year 1988. It does not seem very ancient, but I sure feel as such sometimes. I was born in a very small (a bit of a famous country (maybe not in a very positive way… lately (the past 45 years…)…)) in the Middle East.

At the age of twenty-three I moved to another Arab country to live and work and mainly be closer to my siblings who had already left our “birth” country.

After a few years, I moved to Europe where I found my life more suited to my lifestyle. I found love, I continued my studies, I found work and today few years later I find myself writing this blog for one reason or another.

My goal is not to have a goal which is a goal by itself. I will be exploring all these mind f*cks we all have, we all think about, experience and put them out there, for one day, they might either put a smile on someone’s face, save someone or just be a vent for me to have published them out there… on the “net”.

I speak two and half languages – Arabic, obviously English and partly a European language.

I plan to share my unfiltered, controversial and unconventional thoughts. I will try to have no barriers. I will try to be as transparent as possible.